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A-Z of Worker Help

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  • Does the JobsAware initiative make a real difference?
    JobsAware are committed to making work-seeking safer for all. We do this by working with the industry (job boards, recruitment agencies etc.) to improve standards for work-seekers and non-permanent workers. Whilst the recruitment agencies and job board industries are typically in a competitive market, they agree that protecting the reputation of the sector and providing job-seekers with the confidence that tackling of fraud is a priority for a safer job search.
  • What makes individuals and organisations vulnerable to attack from employment fraud?
    For individuals, the risk often comes from giving too much personal information without clarifying why it is needed and how it is going to be used. Similarly for organisations, weaknesses in internal controls may be exploited.
  • What happens to victims of employment fraud?
    As with all frauds, the usual outcome is for the victim to lose or part with, money or personally identifiable data without getting any benefit. Victims may also experience a loss of trust and confidence in their job search.
  • Aren't the fraudsters always a step ahead?
    Fraudsters are always looking for a new opportunity, however the majority of threats are repeats of what has been tried before. The widespread sharing of experiences as well as immediate reporting will limit the opportunity for repeat actions and quickly disrupt any new attempts.
  • Are you sure rival companies can work constructively together?
    Yes - by removing the confrontational element and building on the mutual benefits obtained through cooperative action that JobsAware is promoting. It has already demonstrated that effective anti-fraud measures can be put in place quickly, without impacting commercial competitiveness; and protecting those looking for work.

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