A-Z of Worker Help

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Legal advice

It is important that you seek advice if you are unsure on your employment status and/or believe your employment rights have been breached. As a first step, you could try ACAS, Citizens Advice, or a trade union if you belong to one (or want to join one).

If you need specialist help, you could try an employment law solicitor – you can use the Law Society website to find one (they may offer a free initial consultation).

For free legal advice, you can find your nearest law centre using the law centre website.

Limited Companies

A limited company is a form of business which is legally separate from its owners and managers and is incorporated at Companies House in the UK.

People who have their own limited company will be a director of their company and generally also:

o   the shareholder of the company and

o   the employee of the company (that the company uses to supply the services that it is contracted to provide).

·      Find guidance on GOV.UK on limited company formation.

·      Find guidance on GOV.UK on running a limited company.

·      You can find out more about more about the consequences of setting up and running a limited company on the LITRG website.

·      If you are thinking of setting up a limited company to run a business through, you should read this article by LITRG first.

·      If you are a freelance professional who supplies their services through limited company, the limited company may be known as a personal service company, and you may be called a ‘contractor.’ You will need to understand whether the IR35/off payroll rules impact you. You should also make sure you are aware of the risks of entering into a Contractor Loan Schemes, which you can read more about on GOV.UK.