A-Z of Worker Help

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This LITRG page, provides links to a range of financial calculators that workers may find useful, provided by other websites.

Cash-in-hand working

To understand about cash in hand working, see the LITRG website (although the guidance is aimed at migrants, it applies more widely).

Citizen’s Advice

Citizens Advice offer free help on a wide range of issues, including work, employment rights, tax and benefit problems and debt. Their website can be found here.


You can use the online form on GOV.UK to make a complaint about an agency or employer to an enforcement body, such as the GLAA or EAS.

If you are not sure whether to use the form or whether your complaint can be dealt with using this facility, you can contact JobsAware for guidance.

Alternatively, if you are a member of a trade union, you may wish to contact them, as they may be better placed to assist you with your complaint, further.

Construction industry

Construction industry work is often temporary and can involve long supply chains, agencies and umbrella companies.

If you work in the construction industry as a self-employed person, you will have Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax deducted at source from your wages – this does not mean that you are being treated as employed/have employment rights.

HMRC has guidance on their website for CIS workers.

You can read general guidance on the CIS scheme on the HMRC website. You can read more about the CIS tax regime on the LITRG website.

Note that if a construction worker sources work through an agency, then only if they are not under supervision, direction or control by any person (or the right thereof) should they be taxed under CIS (if they are under supervision, direction or control by any person – or the right thereof – then they should be taxed under PAYE).


A contract is a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

Find information from GOV.UK on general employment contracts and conditions.

Find guidance from GOV.UK on how your employer can change your employment contract.

Find information from GOV.UK on Fixed-term contracts.

Find out about different types of contracts and employer responsibilities from GOV.UK.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find the support available to workers and employers because of COVID-19 on GOV.UK.

In a dedicated section on their website, LITRG bring together their tax and related benefit guidance relating to COVID-19.