About Us

JobsAware is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help make the UK labour market safer.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to protect and advance worker rights in the UK, in three important ways:


Ensuring all workers and work-seekers in the UK have access to free help and advice.


Working with employers and recruitment businesses to help prevent job scams and labour market abuses.


Bringing the voices of workers and businesses to UK Gov, to help inform labour market policy.

Our story

JobsAware launched in 2021 but our work helping job-seekers and non-permanent workers goes back much further.

JobsAware is a brand of the Modern Work Foundation (formerly SAFERjobs), a non-profit organisation which started out as a Metropolitan Police fraud forum within Operation Sterling in 2008. Since that time, our brands have helped over 2 million people with a safer job search and to stay safe while in work.

​By 2017, then Employment Minster Damien Hines said that 10% of job-seekers had fallen victim to a scam. By the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, employment scams had grown by 65%.

In October 2018, the Modern Work Foundation became a registered Community Interest Company so that it could better protect people in unstable work or those looking for work.

​We have been named by a number of Government departments as a key intelligence source on labour market issues. Over the years, information provided to our brands has led to enforcement action, including website takedowns and removal of fake job advertisements online.

Building on that success, JobsAware was launched as the UK’s number one platform for protecting worker rights, working closely with BEIS, the Home Office, HMRC, law enforcement, DBS and other partner organisations.

Meet our Advisory Board

Lord Lucas

Keith Rosser
Chair (Co-Director)

Richard Knight
Finance (Co-Director)

Simon Emery
Strategy & Product

Prof. Jon Hall
Academic Advisor

Dave Worboys
Regulatory Enforcement

Oliver Clixby
Law Enforcement

Sian Murray
Content Advisor

Mark Rhodes
PR Advisor

Kyri Yiasouma
Tech Advisor

Lauren Edwards