Collective Regulation for the UK labour market

JobsAware is building an ecosystem that brings together the voices of worker, business and government to develop smarter regulation.

The UK labour market needs smarter regulation

The benefits…

Fair baseline standards
Regulation that balances the needs of workers and businesses, promoting fair treatment & fair competition.

Sustainable economic growth
Regulation that helps provide a level playing field by incentivising good business practice.

Being responsive to risk
Regulation that is developed through understanding risks in the labour market and can adapt to changes in risk.

Cost-effective targeting of bad actors
Regulation that encourages self-policing, enabling enforcement to identify and tackle non-compliance.

High awareness of rights & responsibilities
Regulation that is communicated clearly, helping individuals and businesses know what it means for them.

The principles behind Collective Regulation

The benefits…

Balancing the needs of market participants
Regulation supports economic growth by safeguarding fair treatment for workers and fair competition for businesses.

Co-designing proportionate responses to market risks
Regulation is well balanced when controls are co-designed with businesses, workers and government in response to market risks.

Monitoring and responding to change
Regulation needs to keep pace with shifts in technology and culture, requiring a dynamic understanding of how risks change and evolve.

Being responsive to risk
Regulation is most effective when market participants fully understand their rights and responsibilities.

Building a Collective Regulation ecosystem

Creating a delivery framework

The framework serves as a basis for documenting now Collective Regulation works, which is then iterated on using learnings through pilot studies and working with ecosystem partners.

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Learning through pilot studies

By working with multiple sectors of the labour market that are experiencing different problems, we seek to learn how Collective Regulation can best work for market participants.

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Developing joint capabilities

A joined-up approach like Collective Regulation requires the involvement of organisations that represent the three voices and possess capabilities from research to risk management.

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