A-Z of Worker Help

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Similar to our Know Your Employer point in section K, here you will find tips on what to check before agreeing to employment with a company. This is particularly around the contract and other documentation that you may be required to agree to.

o   Ensure that you receive a contract, or similar written documentation, for any employment you undertake, even if it is zero-hours (see below)

o   Check the clauses in this contract to ensure that your rights are represented, including rights to paid annual leave and sick leave

o   Check the communications that you receive from potential employers to make sure they do not have spelling mistakes for example – it is a common feature of fake job adverts and companies to send unprofessional or misspelled communications

o   Make sure if you are asked to apply for a DBS check, that the company asking you to complete your details and make payment is a Responsible Organisation with the DBS. You can find lots more information on having a criminal record check conducted safely on our criminal record checks page.

·      If you are concerned that an employer may not be legitimate, or is doing something inappropriate, please contact JobsAware here.