Partner with JobsAware

We promote labour market transparency by partnering with organisations who make free help and advice on labour abuses available to all workers.

Why become a Partner?

If your organisation wants to demonstrate its support for helping to stamp out job scams and labour market abuses, then signing up to be a JobsAware Partner is the perfect way to do so, at no cost.

We provide free help and advice to anyone who thinks they might have been the victim of a job scam or unfair working practices. We also work with UK Government, labour market enforcement agencies and other partners to help workers resolve issues.

By promoting the JobsAware brand, you help ensure every worker has access to that help and advice. You’ll also receive information to help you protect your organisation and your workforce, including meeting your obligations under the Modern Slavery Regulations and ensuring you have a compliant supply chain. 

  1. Read our voluntary Partner principles, to promote labour market transparency
  2. Grab a copy of the JobsAware logo to display on your website
  3. Fill out our Partnership form to be added to our Partners Directory

Voluntary Partner principles

Our principles are focused on promoting free help and advice on labour market abuses to all workers. We appreciate your support in adopting them!​

  1. Partners must display the JobsAware logo on their website or app, and be easily accessible to all visitors
  2. Partners should display JobsAware on any online job adverts displayed on their website or app
  3. Partners should display JobsAware on any payslips sent to workers ​
  4. Partners should refer workers to JobsAware if they have concerns about their employment or engagement
  5. Partners should report any suspected abuses of worker rights to JobsAware ​
  6. Partners should request that organisations in their supply chain also partner with JobsAware
  7. Partners should share any insights or recommendations on labour market threats and how to respond to them, so they can be highlighted to UK Government through JobsAware Expert Forums​

Additional resources

We have some advice for recruitment agencies on your responsibilities to agency workers as well as protecting your brand from fraudsters and impersonators.