A-Z of Worker Help

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Self-employed / Self-employment

Self-employment is defined as working for yourself either in a freelance capacity or as the owner of a business, rather than for a direct employer.

NB: There might be a difference between your status for worker rights compared to your status for tax purposes. Our Worker Status page we hope will be helpful, but if you are unsure, we would suggest you seek legal advice on this complicated matter.

Are you employed, self-employed, both or neither? Find out from LITRG. Find guidance from the UK Government on working for yourself.

Sick leave and pay

Sick leave is absence from work granted on the basis of illness or sickness.

Find information from the UK Government about taking sick leave. Find information here from the UK Government about statutory sick pay which you might be entitled to.

Statutory deductions

These are deductions that your employer or agency is required to make by law from your pay. This can include tax, national insurance contributions, pension and student loans for example. Other deductions can be made if agreed in your contract (see non-statutory deductions).