A framework for Collective Regulation

What is needed to deliver smarter regulation?

Development process

  • Guided by a Steering Group, Co-Chaired by JobsAware and the Open University and initially attended by the UK labour market enforcement agencies (EAS, GLAA, NMW).
  • Mapping the delivery model for the framework, to serve as an initial hypothesis. A first draft of the key areas can be found below.
  • Partnering with organisations with expertise in different parts of the map to validate, refine and build out those areas of the framework; using pilot studies where applicable.

Delivery model

Defining how Collective Regulation should be delivered and governed.

Market engagementRisk ManagementGovernance

Aggregate insight sources
Ongoing insight analysis
Identify areas of risk
Rationale for review
Market participant map
Participant engagement
Three-voice research
Risk assessment report
Process gates
Risk management
Feedback & iteration
Investment & ROI
Aggregate guidance sources
Identify areas of uncertainty
Run awareness campaigns
Review existing controls
Design new controls
Test & implement
Collect feedback
Monitor & iterate
Needs analysis
Three-voice partners
Engagement partners
Research partners