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A framework for Collective Regulation

What is needed to deliver smarter regulation?

Collective Regulation  >  Framework

Development process

The Collective Regulation framework is in the early stages of development:

  • Guided by a Steering Group, Co-Chaired by JobsAware and the Open University and initially attended by the UK labour market enforcement agencies (EAS, GLAA, NMW).


  • Mapping the delivery model for the framework, to serve as an initial hypothesis. A first draft of the key areas can be found below.


  • Partnering with organisations with expertise in different parts of the map to validate, refine and build out those areas of the framework; using pilot studies where applicable.

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Delivery model

Defining how Collective Regulation should be delivered and governed.

Market engagement

Risk Management



  • Aggregate insight sources

  • Ongoing insight analysis

  • Identify areas of risk


  • Rationale for review

  • Market participant map

  • Participant engagement

  • Three-voice research

  • Risk assessment report


  • Process gates

  • Risk management

  • Feedback & iteration

  • Investment & ROI


  • Aggregate guidance sources

  • Identify areas of uncertainty

  • Run awareness campaigns


  • Review existing controls

  • Design new controls

  • Test & implement

  • Collect feedback

  • Monitor & iterate


  • Needs analysis

  • Three-voice partners

  • Engagement partners

  • Research partners

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