Advice for safe job-seeking

General advice on job-seeking safely as well as advice on specific areas of fraud and scams you may encounter. 

Advice・Advice for safe job seeking


General Advice

Does the JobsAware initiative make a real difference?

Yes – whilst all companies across all industries have been active in reducing risks to their clients, the combined efforts of JobsAware and its alignment with law enforcement agencies, whilst developing prevention strategies with government, businesses and recruitment organisations will give much greater visibility to any threats encountered, making a rapid response much more effective.

Are you sure rival companies can work constructively together?

Yes - by removing the confrontational element and building on the mutual benefits obtained through cooperative action that JobsAware is promoting. It has already demonstrated that effective anti-fraud measures can be put in place quickly, without impacting commercial competitiveness; and protecting those looking for work.

Aren't the fraudsters always a step ahead?

Fraudsters are always looking for a new opportunity, but the majority of threats are repeats of what has been tried before. The widespread sharing of experiences will limit the opportunity for repeat actions and quickly disrupt any new attempts.

What happens to victims of employment fraud?

As with all frauds, the usual outcome is for the victim to lose or part with, money without getting any benefit.

What makes individuals and organisations vulnerable to attack from employment fraud?

For individuals, the risk often comes from giving too much personal information through carelessness or without challenging why it may be asked for. Similarly, for organisations weaknesses in internal controls may be exploited.


Information on different types of fake job offers and job scams.

Judge's Table

Advice on safely completing UK Criminal Record Disclosure Checks as part of a job search.

Contract Review

Tips for how to spot a fake job or job scam.


Guidance on how to seek further advice or make a complaint about your employer or agency.

Curriculum Vitae

Guidance on what information you should and shouldn't provide to a potential employer.