Recruitment platforms

Information on how JobsAware supports recruitment platforms and job boards.

 How JobsAware supports platforms

JobsAware provides confidence across the jobs market. With the rise in fake online jobs and issues affecting workers, JobsAware exists to provide free help and advice. Platforms should partner with JobsAware to increase trust in their site and show their commitment to supporting safe job searching. You can partner with JobsAware and join the free campaign here.

How do Job Boards work together to prevent fraud?

They do this through the JobsAware Ad Vetting System, by exchanging information about identified threats and attempted fraud or exploitation as they encounter them. As more Job Boards share this information, through the JobsAware Ad Vetting System, the more effective the disruption will be.

For more information on the benefits of and how to access the JobsAware Job Ad Vetting System, please contact us here.

Partnering with JobsAware

Information for recruitment platforms and job boards on how to and why partner with JobsAware.