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Information for recruitment platforms on how to and why partner with JobsAware


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Partnering with JobsAware

JobsAware provides confidence across the jobs market. With the rise in fake online jobs and issues affecting workers, JobsAware exists to provide free help and advice. Platforms should partner with JobsAware to increase trust in their site and show their commitment to supporting safe job searching. 

Why show your commitment to our campaign against labour market abuse?

  • Increase public trust in your platform;

  • Be seen by applicants and clients as a responsible organisation;

  • For a minimal fee sign up to the Job Advert Vetting System to receive automatic updates about current fake jobs affecting the industry;

  • Have your brand advertised to thousands of job seekers through the JobsAware site;

  • As a JobsAware partner you can direct any job seeker who has been the victim of a scam to us and we will provide them with free assistance;

  • Being a JobsAware partner helps you meet your obligations under the Modern Slavery Regulations to have a compliant supply chain;

  • As a JobsAware partner you can report any jobs advertised without your permission and we will take action;

  • As a JobsAware partner you will receive information on current scams to help you protect yourself.

How to join the free campaign

  • Advertise our logo and text (below) on your home page;

  • Request your recruitment supply chain become partners of JobsAware (where relevant);

  • Confirm you agree to the Principles of Good Practice or Code of Conduct (below);

  • Send us your logo and company blurb when the above is complete and we will get you registered as a JobsAware Platform.

JobsAware Principles of Good Practice

Online Platforms and Job Boards should:

  1. explain how vacancies appear on their site;

  2. perform agreed standards of due diligence;

  3. have a limit as to how many times the same advert can be published;

  4. not advertise adverts that portray themselves to be something they are not;

  5. not use the CV Database as a sales commodity;

  6. obtain candidate's permission before transferring their data;

  7. have a process in place to investigate breaches;

  8. have an easily accessible area of the site dedicated to offering advice of common and prevalent scams with a link to JobsAware;

  9. carry the agreed JobsAware text;

  10. have a duty to report and share information with JobsAware.