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Information for Employers on how and why to partner with JobsAware.


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Partnering with JobsAware

JobsAware is a great way to ensure transparency within your supply chain, help protect workers, whilst at the same time protecting your brand. It is a good way to meet your obligations under Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act as well helping to protect your brand from fake job adverts. Best of all, partnering with JobsAware is free.

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Benefits of Partnering with JobsAware

  • Helps to meet your obligations under Modern Slavery Regulations to have a compliant supply chain;

  • Protect your brand by ensuring your supply chain are treating workers correctly;

  • Report any compliance issues in your recruitment supply chain;

  • Report any jobs advertised without your permission and we will take action;

  • Direct those who have been the victim of fraud and we will provide them with free assistance.

How to join the free campaign

  • Contact us so that we can provide our logo & text for your use in a prominent manner;

  • Provide your logo and blurb through the contact function;

  • Request your recruitment supply chain become partners of JobsAware.