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Collective Regulation pilot studies

How we build understanding by running pilots

Online Job Advertising

JobsAware is working with leading online recruitment platforms to prevent scams and fraud in job advertising.

Stage: Risk Controls > Solution design & testing

This work has been informed by reports of job scams from work-seekers, via the JobsAware website. Recent Ofcom research also revealed that 1 in 3 online adults in the UK had been subjected to an employment scam.


Through the JobsAware Online Recruitment Forum, a Code of Practice has been co-designed with recruitment platforms and with the support of the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, outlining industry standards for the provision of 'Advertising Services' in a manner that protects work-seekers and employer brands.

As a result, the next step is to pilot a certification scheme that enables recruitment platforms to demonstrate their adherence to best practices and compliance to relevant legislation, including the upcoming Online Safety Bill.

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Umbrella Organisations

JobsAware is leading an assessment of the risks associated with payment intermediaries in the labour market.

Stage: Risk Assessment > Three-voice research

This work is designed to understand the risks in the sector, as well as potential solution options, to feed into UK Government's consultation on Umbrella organisations.

It focuses on three-voice research spanning workers who use Umbrella organisations, organisations such as Trade Unions that represent those workers, the Umbrella organisations themselves, related partners such as Recruitment Agencies, and the labour market enforcement agencies.

The aim is to get a holistic understanding of the market and the problems faced from the perspective of each voice, in order to identify risks and set out potential solutions to control those risks effectively.​

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