International Worker Advice

Guidance for workers already in the UK or looking to relocate to the UK for work.

International Relocation to the UK

JobsAware aim to prevent international jobseekers relocating to the UK falling victim to job scams and labour abuses.

‚ÄčIt is always an exciting time moving home and starting a new job but relocating internationally can be very daunting. Using our guide will help navigate the information you will need regarding Visas, NI, and recruitment processes here in the UK and where to get the advice you need.  These are all areas scammers typically use to target international jobseekers. Check out our red flags section to identify common job scams and abuses. 

What Visa Do I Require For The UK?

There are several types of visas available for international workers who require a longer stay. These are: skilled worker visa, Health and Care, Intra-company, Start up and Innovator visa. International workers may require a health surcharge called the (immigration health surcharge or IHS). 

Whichever visa you require to work in the UK, we advise you use the UK government website who will also advise on the legitimate cost of a visa. 

Follow the link:

What Is NI?

All UK workers contribute to National Insurance, NI, monthly which is matched by your employer. NI permits you access to certain benefits such as maternity leave, jobseeker allowance and pension credit. Your eligibility and benefits will depend on your immigration status and how long you’ve been living in the UK. We recommend you use the government website to check NI details. Follow the link below:

Recruitment Process UK

When recruitment agencies or UK businesses advertise roles based in the UK they will: advertise on a recruitment iob board or elsewhere online and require a CV or online application from candidates. They will select the CVs or applications they wish to pre-screen or shortlist and conduct a structured interview before offering the successful candidate a position. They will then extend an offer letter or contract of employment clarifying yearly remuneration package. They will ask for proof of identification once you are successful. All UK recruitment agencies are required to provide a ‘key information document’ stating the work they will carry out on behalf of the candidate. They are generally not permitted to ask for money to find jobseekers employment. All UK businesses must be registered on the UK government website companies house. Follow the link to check if a company is registered:


When businesses recruit someone internationally to the UK they require a certificate sponsor licence and have to apply for a sponsorship visa for the successful candidate (where the applicant does not already have their own “right to work”. This cost is covered by the employer. This is the employer’s responsibility and cost. For more information on this please follow the link.

Red Flags

If you encounter more than one of the points below then this could potentially be a scam:

  •  Offering roles without an interview or CV
  •  Contract of employment not clear or monthly salaries stated instead of yearly.   
  • Company not registered on UK government website Companies House.     
  • Emails and correspondence sent from personal email addresses instead of company email addresses.                   
  • Asking for large sums of money, for example to process visas or travel. 

Please follow the link if you wish to report these to us:

Already Employed In The UK

If you are already working in the UK, you should not have to experience any of the following:

  • Not getting paid for work
  • Not having a contract or agreement
  • Not being allowed to take breaks and/or annual leave
  • Made to work excessive hours

Please follow the link if you wish to report these to us:

Where To Find Help

Contact JobsAware to report a job scam or poor recruiting practise.

Your embassy – visa enquiries
UK Home Office – visa enquiries 
UK Regulator -poor recruitment practise 
ACAS – free employment HR advice
Police – for emergencies only.