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Recent TV & Radio relating to JobsAware:

April 2023

BBC Radio South East

Our chair, Keith Rosser spoke on BBC radio South East about the rise in job scams particularly via WhatsApp, whilst the BBC discussed fake jobs being offered at a Mosque in the area. Keith discussed a recent ofcom study that found 30% of UK adults have experienced an employment scam. Many of the WhatsApp scams use the name of legitimate recruitment agencies and job boards to reach out to candidates. JobsAware advise anyone who receives job offers via WhatsApp to check with the companies directly and never hand over any money or personal details. 

The One Show

JobsAware appeared on the one show with Matt Allwright speaking about the warning signs people should know about when applying for jobs. In particular, Keith Rosser (Chair) spoke about the reasons job scams are on the rise and some of the latest trends such as google optimisation and crypto currency scams. Typical examples could be scammers asking people to invest money in order to complete a set of tasks, each task earning them a salary, however they are never able to withdraw the money they earned or invested. Cost of living crisis has seen an increase in people looking for a second job. The fake jobs involved in this scam involve working from home and involve no training so the the scammer knows they are appealing to the public looking for a quick way to boost their income. JobsAware would urge caution with any of these activities and if in doubt contact the JobsAware team for advice.

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