Payment Intermediary or Umbrella Partnerships

Information for payment intermediaries and umbrella companies on how to and why partner with JobsAware


Partnering with JobsAware

JobsAware is working with the umbrella sector to help educate and protect contractors and umbrella workers by driving out non-compliance. 

Why show your commitment to our campaign against labour market abuse?

  • Show your commitment to supporting umbrella workers' rights

  • Help tackle non-compliance in the payment intermediaries sector

  • Demonstrate how the umbrella company sector is proactively taking action to support umbrella workers

  • Contribute to an intelligence network to support JobsAware's work in tackling non-compliance

How to join the free campaign

  • Advertise our logo on your website home page and on umbrella worker payslips;

  • Request your recruitment supply chain become partners of JobsAware (where relevant);

  • Confirm you agree to the Principles of Good Practice (below);

  • Send us your logo and company blurb complete and we will register your organisation in our Partner Directory.

JobsAware Principles of Good Practice

Payment Intermediaries and Umbrella Companies should:

  1. Demonstrate that they are working proactively to protect contractor and umbrella worker rights by signposting to JobsAware on payslips and/or via their website;

  2. Signpost to JobsAware as a place for contractors or umbrella workers who have concerns around their employment or engagement;

  3. Signpost to JobsAware as a place for contractors or umbrella workers that need general support or advice;

  4. Engage, through the TCG Payment Intermediaries sub-committee, to discuss issues and opportunities in the sector;

  5. Report abuses against the sector, such as contractor fraud, to JobsAware.