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Advertising jobs online

Guidance for your organisation on best practice when advertising jobs online.


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Advertising jobs online

If your organisation opts to advertise jobs online, it is important that the relevant Codes of Conduct are followed to ensure compliance with the UK law.

These Codes vary depending on the method used to advertise your organisation's vacancy.

Job boards or recruitment platforms

  • If you choose to use a third party in the form of a job board, then you should consider ensuring your job board complies with our Principles of Good Practice

Using a job board that is partnered with us is an important and straightforward way of ensuring that your chosen job board promotes job scam awareness and takes seriously the campaign for a safer job search, thus protecting your organisation’s job applicants. Partner job boards can be found here.

Your organisation

  • If your organisation chooses to advertise its own jobs via its own website or platform, then the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has a number of resources that you could review to ensure that your advertisements are compliant. Please take a look at their website for more information.

Reporting fake or fraudulent job adverts

​If you happen to see a job advertised that you believe to be fake, or that is advertised in your organisation’s name fraudulently, please report it to us.

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